Arun Shanbhag (arunshanbhag) wrote,
Arun Shanbhag

Perceiving your true form

Spent the last few days at a family gathering celebrating my father's 80th birthday. During the relaxing holiday, I came across these lines extending a verse (sada sarvada yog tuzha ghadava) which I had frequently recited as a child:

jhya jhya sthaLi hey mun jaaya mazhe, tyaa tyaa sthaLi hey nijarupa tuzhe
mi thevito mastak jhya thikani, tethe tuzhe sadguru paay doni

Loose translation:
Wherever my mind wanders, there I perceive your true form.
Wherever I place my forehead, there appear your two feet.

Such a beautiful verse and it resonates well with my own belief in the Universal Consciousness. The divine exists everywhere and where ever I bow in reverence, there she is! Any suggestions for improving this translation. Also, anyone know the author?
Tags: divine
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